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Tina Salmon is a mental health therapist, business mindset coach, and the Founder & CEO of Coachanizer, a coaching company that partners with overworked business owners, executives, and CEOs to prevent burnout.

Tina is a Licensed Clinical Social Worker who holds a master’s degree in Social Work from Stony Brook University and a second master’s degree in Public Administration from Baruch College. She is also a Certified Transformational Mindset Facilitator, with additional training in human behavior and applied neuroscience.

Over the past two decades, Tina has served as a trained mental health therapist, public administrator, and coach, serving thousands of clients. She collaboratively develops personalized life and business wellness plans with her clients, empowering them to reprioritize their mental and physical well-being while also finding greater fulfillment in their personal relationships, all without sacrificing the growth of their businesses. Collectively, she guides her clients in addressing the root causes of their mental barriers and fears, so they can redirect their time and energy toward what genuinely matters to thrive in life and business.

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