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"Prior to working with Tina, I was feeling a lot of self-doubt, anxiety, uneasiness, and an enormous lack of confidence. I second-guessed everything and was struggling to make decisions. I was experiencing random emotional episodes of crying and sadness and was unable to move out of bed or off the couch for hours at a time. As a result, my work and relationship with my spouse were suffering. My time with Tina has been invaluable. I have learned to control my feelings of doubt, negativity, and especially my unproductive thinking. Before, my lack of confidence often manifested itself in a specific way; I would talk myself out of things and create my own negative narrative in my head. Tina taught me to be aware of the exact moment when my thinking is taking a negative turn and how to shift to a more positive mindset. As a result, my confidence is growing. I highly recommend Tina, she is kind, patient, and very professional. She is knowledgeable in her field and aware of exactly what her clients need to move forward on their life journey with a positive mindset." Furthermore, she does not push you to discuss hard topics or have difficult conversations until you are ready to do so, which I deeply appreciated."


“Before working with Tina, in the middle of the Pandemic, my social anxiety was pretty high and I spent so much time over-analyzing every social interaction in my life. I was transitioning back into life with a full-time job and trying to figure out how to fit people back into my personal and social life. Tina held space for me to explore themes about my family and relationships in ways that I had never thought of before. I've become more accepting of external forces because I gained a new sense of empathy that grew from understanding myself and my personal history. Tina always encourages me to do the hard work, without pressure, and she is incredibly supportive. I would recommend Tina because she is understanding, pays close attention, has your best interest at heart, and is also focused on the bigger issue at hand and your growth as a person.”


“When I reached out to Tina, I was exploring working with a coach for the first time. After 10 years in NYC, I had moved out of the city and was jobless and feeling very stuck/unsure. Tina has taught me some helpful techniques for shifting my mindset so I spend less time spiraling and more time thinking positively about my potential.  During our sessions, sometimes we laugh, sometimes I cry, but Tina always keeps it comfortable. It's been really helpful to have Tina helping to provide some structure and accountability during a time when I otherwise had none – it has given my friends and boyfriend a break lol.  Thank you, Tina! "


"Tina is a truly one-of-a-kind coach, and I've worked with many. Between her background in being able to powerfully + graciously hold the space for someone in their most critical time, to the way her mind easily picks up the blindspots we usually miss as we grow towards our goals - she's an absolute powerhouse to have in your corner. She's thorough, precise in her coaching, and truly a blast to work with. Book a consult with her and get your mind blown!"


"Tina brings as much real-world experience to the table as anyone I know.  Her counseling experience working with thousands of clients at a very high level is second to none.  She uses her experience and powerful methodology to get your wheels turning like never before.  You will tap into thoughts you never knew you had.  I admire her expertise, her demeanor, and her professionalism greatly.  Any client Tina chooses to work with should consider themselves lucky and listen to everything she has to say."


"Working with Tina has been an enlightening experience. Tina is open, ready to help, straight to the point, and easy to get along with. The sessions are a safe space and very informative.  Her professionalism and support have made a positive impact on my life."


"Working with Tina came at the perfect time because I had been experiencing a number of stressors in both my personal and professional life. Tina supported me in identifying my limiting beliefs, unpacking them, and helping me to reframe my thought patterns.  It was reaffirming to talk about my feelings and have them validated, and it was also very helpful as Tina offered to support me in either reframing my beliefs or coming up with practical solutions for managing my stressors.  I am now taking comfort in Tina's reminder that I have the power to change my mindset when faced with these thoughts.  Tina also gave me the tools to feel empowered with where I am in my life, which I found very comforting.  To anyone who is considering working with Tina, I would highly recommend it.  She is skilled, kind, and compassionate, and I'm grateful for my time with her."


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